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Our Maine Coon cattery is located in a small village nearby Warsaw, the capital of Poland. We breed those beautiful cats since 2001 and we have devoted our life. We do our best to allow our cats to feel loved and safe. We live in a house with a garden and the cats run freely around the both. Only adult males for their safety have fenced free runs but they spent nights at home. Spending so much time in their natural environment our Maine Coons develop strong immunity. Of course we take our best care for their health providing them with full vaccination programme (with Fel-o-Vax V or Purevax) . We test also our cats towards congestive diseases as FiV and inherited ones as HCM.

Our kittens are brought up wit us being born and risen near our beds. That’s why their characters are so lively and they have so much trust in people.

We still work to develop our cattery in the way that would give our cats and kittens better life.

Elitarny Klub Kota Rasowego

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